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Health Home

Brightpoint’s Health Home provides comprehensive care management services developed specifically for individuals with multiple chronic conditions, severe behavioral health issues or HIV. 

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How We Can Help

For anyone who has navigated our current health care system first-hand, you know that it can be a difficult process. At Brightpoint Health, we realize this is true even more so for individuals with complex chronic conditions. Our team of care management experts understands the challenges chronically ill persons are faced with, and we’re here to bridge the communication gap between patient, caregivers and health care providers. We have implemented our Health Home model in order to streamline the process and ensure superior services for our patients. Consequently, through better care coordination and service integration, we can improve the outcomes for the at-risk and underserved population while reducing their Medicaid expenditures.

What is Health Home?

Health Home is an innovation that grew out of the Affordable Care Act's provision and the New York State Medicaid Redesign Team, offering additional federal support to states to develop and implement a person-centered system of care that improves quality of care and patient outcomes while reducing Medicaid costs.  This care management model ensures that all clinical decisions are guided by the patient's values, including his/her cultural traditions, personal preferences, family situation, social circumstances, and lifestyle. The model recognizes that significant social determinants can greatly reduce an individual's ability to engage in care, therefore, our staff are uniquely trained to address these barriers in conjunction with our patients' health needs.

How Health Home Works

  • Patients are assigned a care manager who conducts a comprehensive assessment to understand the medical, behavioral and social needs of each person.
  • A plan of care is developed in collaboration with each patient where specific and mutually agreed upon goals are established related to the client's needs identified in the assessment. 
  • After consent is received, health records are shared (either electronically or via hard copy) among health care providers so that services are not duplicated or neglected and so all providers can provide recommendations based on all the information available to them.
  • Health Home services are provided through a network of organizations, coordinating providers, health plans and community-based organizations that will best serve the individual being treated.