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Behavioral Health

Brightpoint’s team of licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychiatrists offer behavioral health services through customized treatment plans for children, teens, and adults.

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For new patients, please call us to request an appointment.


For existing patients, please visit our Patient Portal

How We Can Help

At Brightpoint Health, our counseling centers provide behavioral health services tailored to your individual needs. Serving adults, teens and children faced with behavioral health illness, our team of professionals offers high-quality, compassionate care to each of our patients.

Our staff is comprised of licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practicioners and psychiatrists dedicated to improving your well-being. We use a comprehensive approach during treatment to maximize your recovery potential. Blending personalized care with a sense of dignity, our aim is to increase your ability to improve social skills and family relationships. With a focus on goal-setting, our team members are committed to encouraging a sense of hope for the future while minimizing the effects of symptoms associated with behavioral health illness.

Services are available in English and Spanish for both adult and pediatric patients.

When you visit our clinic, a care manager will meet with you for an initial assessment in order to develop a customized treatment plan that’s right for you. We strive to work closely with each of our patients in order to:

  • Minimize symptoms and adverse effects of behavioral health illness
  • Maximize wellness
  • Promote recovery towards the achievement of life goals (such as education and employment)

In order to address the symptoms and adverse effects of behavioral health illness at its earliest stages, Brightpoint staff works proactively with individuals to achieve an improved quality of life. Responding in a timely and effective manner to the communities we serve, we identify crisis situations as a preventative measure and guide our patients toward their behavioral health goals.

Brightpoint Health's counseling centers are New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) licensed Article 31 facilities.

Our Services

  • Medication management

  • Crisis intervention

  • Psychotherapy (individuals, families, and groups)

  • 24/7 hotline access

  • Evaluations for housing assistance